Bernhard Meyer


Born 1948 in Leer, Eastfriesland, Germany. Childhood and youth in the very countryside. Vocational training and education in the field of “Painting & Decorating” at his father’s workshop. Academic studies in fine art and industrial printing in Darmstadt, Paris and Canterbury. M.A in vocational education and comparative literature. Some years in academic world with research/publishing and further in communication industries. Full-time artist since 1990. Since 1996 president of the artist’s association in Hessia (BBK Hessen).


Scientific cultural research, catalogues (fine art), artist’s books, fine-art-prints.










Teodor Buzu



Date of birth: May 3., 1960, Drasliceni, Moldova.

Studies : Academy of art and design Charkov (1980 – 1985), prof. O. Veklenko.

Membership: UVU, AJV, Group „Torzo“, Prague, Group “Neuen Milben”, Austria.

A teacher of Arts at Tabor School of Arts for 18 years in Czech Republic.



 The Arctic Circle Girls


   Jaana Karvo

 Joint Expositions 2009-2010  (The Swedish Poster)